Prices are for 3 night breaks, and weekly and depend upon the season.

  • 3 nights from £544 (low season) to £1231 (high season)

  • Weekly from £656 (low season) to £1500 (high season)​

Prices are weekly (Friday to Friday) or
mid-week (Monday to Friday), or weekend (Friday to Monday)


Telephone enquiries:

020-8444 0655



Write to us at or simply fill the Enquiries form and we’ll get back to you shortly:

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Online: James M. Drew-Edwards   S/C: 40-11-00   A/C: 58770107   Ref: Teal + name

Cheques payable to ‘J.M. Drew-Edwards’.
Please send to: 55 Huntingdon Road, London N2 9DX. (Tel: 020-8444 0655)

“Make Yourself at Home!"
Teal Cottage is owned
by the Drew-Edwards family
The beach